• Associates

    Associates have little patience for programs that take up precious time. Yet, business development training can enhance their potential for partnership - and their value to the firm. Our on-demand essentials teach associates just what they need to know - importance of a network and client communication skills. At the same time, we help build connections with colleagues.

  • Partners

    Partners often want to see better results from client and prospect meetings, especially when those meetings are mostly virtual. Through our on-demand lessons and real time practice, lawyers build confidence and improve results. Mock meeting practice used to be reserved for costly in-person training. Our combination of on-demand and virtual meetings makes practice scalable.

  • Pipeline Management

    Our Legal Sales as a Service solution provides two key missing pieces to the prospect pursuit – targets and process. We help create a target profile of high value prospects, identify those prospects, define the sales process focused on the prospect engagement journey, then work with the marketing and business development team to manage the pipeline, bringing in lawyers for high-ROI relationship development.

Our Legal Sales as a Service pipeline management sets the stage for success. Our hybrid lessons teach business development skills with opportunities to practice. We help lawyers execute the right business development activities at the right time. Our format builds collaboration, cross-practice teams, and client connections. We help firms find value. 

It's time to get better results from business development. Let us know if you need help building and managing your pipeline, developing skills, or both.

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